One Love Retain Us Collectively: Jude Okoye Proposes To Girlfriend; Peter & Paul Okoye Reconcile Wedding Digest NaijaThere are many things to celebrate at the Okoyes crib presently. The brothers have all reconciled with one particular another and their big bro Jude got engaged to the woman of his dreams yesterday 24th of April, 2018.fake rolex replica watches, We are all happy they are back with each other and we can't just wait to listen to their next music track. Peter tweeted 'Forever PSquare'. Paul tweet reads 'PSquare stronger than ever'Read their full tweets below. Also rolex replica submariner , read what someone has to say to Psquare, Find Fake Rolex For Sale

'Psquare bros... ... . best panerai replica .. ... I want to ask *WHY E BE SAY* una wan split after all these years? Coz u guys seem to have forgotten that there is *NO One LIKE YOU* in Africa, and you also forgot that God in his *IFUNANYA* made it a *POSSIBILITY* for you guys to be *UNLIMITED* today. I feel so bad over the latest *STORY* coz *I Really like YOU* and I urge you to deal with your present situation *PERSONALLY* and do not let your *BEAUTIFUL ONYINYE's* cause a split. Don't forget that they are only there to *CHOP YOUR MONEY' I know that *E NO EASY* but u guys should try not to get involved in any *BIZZY BODY* because it will only cause more *DANGER* to your career, and your fans won't be able to dance *ALINGO* again. Take a look at how BRACKET is living their life *YORI YORI*. So u may call on SKT to come *FOLLOW FOLLOW* settle the problems u guys are having, coz e get as e dey *DO ME* anytime i hear that u guys want to *BREAK IT*.
I also heard that you brought *OGA POLICE* into the matter, when one of u could *STAND UP* and sort this problem like that *SPECIAL MAN. You guys need to be *MORE THAN A FRIEND* at this time, and take it *JE JE* to prevent any *TEMPTATION* of saying *GAME OVER* to P-Square group. breitling replica paypal If not, i will confront your wives and ask them where they were *LAST NIGHT* when u guys vowed never to split in this music *GBEDU*. Perhaps, we the fans are the ones to *MISS YOU DIE* not your wives. P-Square, may you guyz unite with IFUNANYA as we look forward to you guys sharing the TESTIMONY soon' Anonymous。